Intranet implementation lead - Cruitech

Company Description
Our client is a major corporation with over 40 000 employees worldwide. The client is about to transform its corporate Intranet landscape. The IT technical transformation has been performed for some years now in order to prepare for a global implementation. This has included some extranet capabilities for partners, suppliers and customers.
Job Description
A number of implementation steps have been performed during a pilot phase. Now it is time to shape a global team for business implementation and utilisation support of this new global Group Intranet. Thus, several experienced professionals with excellent communications skills are required for carry on with the full implementation. Your main responsibility is to coach and lead people at the business operations during the transition. This role requires a broad skills set and a methodical and structured approach to work with people from different background. If you are that person we would be delighted to hear from you!

You will work in a team that is responsible for awareness, training and utilisation support, in terms of: - Performing pre-studies (before a migration project) as well as supporting the business groups in the content analysis and structuring processes for migration from local solutions to Reflex - Facilitating workshops and card sorting exercises for topics like site structure, information libraries, roles, etc. - Answering questions on a daily basis (how-to-questions) - Performing user training - Creating and updating user documentations, video instructions, guidelines, etc. - Performing launch and awareness activities - Publishing content at corporate level - Gardening activities for common metadata, synonyms and repositories in order to improve findability
Desired Skills and Experience: - Minimum 5 years of relevant full time work experience - A strong resume showing skills and flexibility - An interest in new technologies, services and how they affect life and business - Knowledgeable of web, intranets, online communications and usability in general - Ability to understand the enterprise landscape - Know-how in explaining the leverages of technology shift with an ability to inspire and motivate - Ability to handle user feedback - Service minded approach and strong organisational skills and ability to negotiate and resolve conflicts - Ability to coach and lead other people to perform their tasks rather than do it all yourself - Ability to work in teams as well as independently - Excellent communication and interpersonal skills - Well spoken and written English and Swedish

- Knowledgeable of search optimisation and findability related questions - Experienced in user training and knowledgeable of how to guide users - Experienced in managing activities, events and announcements related to launch of new features, etc. - Experienced in creating and working with user networks - Excellent presentations skills - Know how in using technologies for distance communications and confident in facilitation of online meeting, webinars, etc. - Other languages
Stockholm area, Sweden. The candidates are expected to have a valid work permit in Sweden.
For additional information you are welcome to contact us at: or by calling at: +46 768 60 18 73

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